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Yearling Moose goes for a swim, Grand Lake, Colorado

Yearling Moose takes a dip

This roughly year old moose came down close to the water for a drink and a swim. I'd spent the better half of the last three hours chasing down his dad to try and get the great moose shot.


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Calypso, Eldorado Canyon, Colorado

We showed up in Eldorado Canyon to do another shoot for the new guidebook. As we drove into the canyon the light was perfect. But as soon as we hiked to the base of the route, the clouds socked in and it began to rain. Discouraged and a bit annoyed we thought there was little chance of any successful climbing or photography. Just as we decided to quit and go home the clouds began to break and the sun reappeared under nice soft clouds. The shoot was on. Sara climbed gracefully, giggling her way up the beautiful 5.6 Eldo classic.

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Jim Erickson on The Blind Faith, Eldorado Canyon, Colorado

In 1972 Jim Erickson did the first free-ascent of the Blind Faith on the Bastille in Eldorado Canyon. Jim free-soloed the pitch, on sight. Which means he walked up to the 200 plus foot wall, without a rope or partner, and climbed it, unaware of the difficulty. In 2008 he led the pitch again, this time with a rope and a belayer. It’s good to see him still climbing hard at 59.

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